Fleur De Lys FC has been dealt a devastating blow this weekend, when the roof of our clubhouse was vadalised in a senseless arson attack.

We are so thankful to the fast actions of passersby and the amazing work of our emergency services, for helping to prevent this being from being an even bigger disaster.

Thanks to the prompt actions of the police and fire brigade, two suspects were quickly arrested on suspicion of the attack, and the fire was largely contained to a section of the roof.

Despite their best efforts, the clubhouse will now be out of action for some time, whilst we try and repair the extensive damage to the roof and to the the many other internal areas damaged by water.

We are more than a club, we are a community and a family. We will all do as much as we possibly can to minimise the impact that this will have on all the young people that we all so willingly give our time for.

We would appreciate any and all help that we can get from the wider community at this challenging time, so would please ask that you share our story and our plea for donations to help repair the damage.

We will be setting up charity events and fundraisers, and have a justgiving page where donations can be made. Thanks as always, we will rebuild, and we will move forward – together.